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Un-Crowding the crowd.

Changing the game for attendees community participation.

We offer your attendees a space to seize their sense of belonging and community participation within the venue. 


uShowApp believes in each fan as a single human being, seeking to un-crowd the crowd and make every single attendee a protagonist.

Each attendee has something to say

Seize the sense of belonging within the community


Each attendee is a meaningful part of the show: provide them a space to participate and interact.

Each attendee is willing to participate

Each attendee wants to be a part of your show.

Liberate your fan from the crowd.

Why would I use it?

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why would i use it
The concept
whats ushwapp

What’s uShowApp?

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A platform that enables fans to live-stream [themselves] from their phones to the screens of the stadium with interactive activations.


Make fans stand out from the crowd

It's time for them to be unique.

We show event organizers, right holders and brands how


Give fans the

Give them innovative shows, innovative emotions. We’ve created a new space for unique attendees, they have something to say it’s time to let them express.

Push notifications or chatbots are expected. Giving fans a space to stand-out is not.

Its responsibility of all of us, to give attendees the opportunity to feel&be unique.

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Let them share it on

social media

The brand is everywhere, on the big screen, on social networks and in the memory of the person who lived that experience.

From the big screens, to the show’s/team’s/brand’s social network - from fans phone to all their online friends.

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Get them numbers

Keep track

Measure your fans activity, track impressions, users, type of uses,  types of filters, and more.

Let’s together expand attendees voices.

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We work with leaders of the entertainment industry

We are working on changing the role of attendees at events.


Get to know us!

Mine-while, check out our thoughts…

Our clients

Digitalize to optimize

Merging digital and fisical sponsorship

The sponsorship flood

Understanding fan uniqueness

 Fans social media network is worth it


Awarded members of

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